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5 Reasons Why People Don’t Get Their Hearing Tested
Danny Gnewikow

5 Reasons Why People Don’t Get Their Hearing Tested

1.    “I can hear fine – as long as you look right at me or speak up.”  Think back 10 or 20 years – do you remember having to look directly at people or ask them to speak up?

2.    “Too many people mumble, and isn’t it hard from everyone to hear in background noise?”  When your hearing is in the normal range, your brain is able to compensate for mumbled speech or noise.  But when you have a hearing loss, there are too many missing parts for your brain to be able to fill in the gaps.

3.    “I have ‘selective hearing.’”  Some would rather joke about hearing loss than solve it.

4.    “If a hearing exam were important, my family physician would have recommended it.”  Your family physician may have had only an hour or two of training on hearing loss.  Tell your doctor you are having hearing difficulties, and ask the doctor to refer you at an Audiologist.

5.    “I don’t want my boss to know my hearing is going.”  You don’t look old or out of touch when you wear hearing aids – you look smart and responsible.

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