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Making Hearing Health a Workplace Wellness Priority

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During National Employee Wellness Month, let’s support the millions of people in America’s labor force with hearing loss. Addressing hearing loss on the job should be a workplace priority. In today’s service and knowledge-based economy, good communication is critical to business success for both the employer and the employee. Nearly 40 million Americans suffer from hearing loss. THE MAJORITY OF THEM ARE IN THE WORKFORCE. “Listen Hear!” survey reports that more than 10% of full-time employees have a diagnosed hearing problem. Another 30% suspect they have a problem but have not sought treatment. Another study shows that people with untreated hearing loss lose as much as $30,000 in annual income, depending on their degree of hearing loss. Unaddressed hearing loss can unnecessarily affect productivity, job performance, and earnings; lead to fatigue and distress; restrict interpersonal interactions; make it difficult to receive and interpret auditory information from computers, machines, and individuals; pose a risk to one’s ability to hear sounds that signal hazards in the workplace; increase sick leave; and diminish overall quality of life.

Remember Your Ears on The 4th of July

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Everyone wants to celebrate our country’s heritage with an exciting fireworks display. However, close proximity to fireworks can cause permanent damage to hearing, especially in children. A good rule of thumb is if you have to yell for the person 2 feet away to hear you, the noise is too loud. Make sure you wear ear protection at all fireworks. STOP BY OUR DANVILLE OR LYNCHBURG OFFICE, AND WE WILL GLADLY GIVE YOU AND YOUR FAMILY FOAM EARPLUGS TO WEAR TO YOUR JULY 4TH CELEBRATION.

Diabetic Patients Encouraged To Have Hearing Evaluations

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March 25th was American Diabetes Association Alert Day. Better Hearing Institute urged people with diabetes to have their hearing checked. Hearing loss is approximately twice as common in individuals with diabetes, so hearing evaluations are imperative. Studies have suggested that high blood glucose levels in diabetic individuals can damage the blood vessels and nerves located in the inner ear, which can affect the ability to hear.