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Walking Through the Early Stages of Hearing Loss: You're Not Talking About Me...Are You? Part IV

Assess your listening environments.

Are you often struggling to hear what your boss or best friend says? Do you avoid going to meetings or to a house of worship because you know it will be too much of a strain to understand?

Professional Evaluation

The next and most important step is a complete diagnostic evaluation by an audiologist. After you’ve undergone a complete evaluation by an audiologist; if it is determined that you can be helped with a hearing aid, your audiologist can prescribe the proper hearing aids for your type of hearing loss.

Our office can provide you with a NO-Obligation, NO–Cost Trial Period.

Hearing Aids with Bluetooth

Hearing aids with newer Bluetooth technology allow you to hear your cell phone or your TV through your hearing aids. This technology allows you to use your cell phone “hands free” while driving in your car.

When Getting By is Not Good Enough

If listening situations are causing you to strain or tune out or are leaving you feeling fatigued and irritable, it is time to explore the possibility of a hearing aid so that you can listen with greater ease.

You may think you are functioning well with your mild hearing loss, but you may just be deceiving yourself. Be alert to the possibility that your hearing needs are changing. You owe it to yourself to have the best quality of life possible.

 Remember: Communication is the most important part of being human.

 Adapted by Dr. Gnewikow from: Brewer, D.M., Yaffe-Oziel S., Walton, R.T. (1993) Walking through the early stages of hearing loss. SHHH Journal. November/December 7.10





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