Danny W. Gnewikow, PhD, FAAA
Audiologist, CCC
Founder & Chief Audiologist


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Lynchburg, VA
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Our Service Philosophy

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Our Philosophy

Our staffing goal throughout the 48 year history of our practice has been to find expert audiologists (read more) and clerical staff who care about the patients we serve. We seek out staff who are, by their nature, patient, engaging, caring individuals who are fully aware of the difficulties caused by hearing loss. They are aware and concerned with the adverse effects that hearing loss causes with occupational, social, and family communications. This knowledgable attitude allows for a relaxed, non-threatening environment that results in satisfied patients and long term friendships with our staff. With our team of clinical audiologists and office staff working together, most difficulties in adjusting to hearing aids are readily resolved.


Full Service Audiology and Hearing Aid Facility

Office Hours: Monday-Friday
  • 8:00AM – 4:30PM
  • By the nature of hearing loss and amplification, various adjustments of both the physical fit and the acoustic parameters are required. The audiological expertise in programming your hearing aids and listening to your needs is paramount to achieving an optimal, comfortable, and successful fit.
  • Hearing aids purchased directly from a distributor (who does not provide ongoing fitting services) will generally prove unsatisfactory and often unusable since no follow-up services are available for initial adjustment and continuing follow-up, maintenance, and repair of these instruments.
Hearing aids should be worn on your EARS and NOT in the dresser drawers!
Our fulltime Monday–Friday audiology-staffed offices mean that when you call us to say your hearing aid needs servicing, we can usually get you in on the same day.

GOLD STANDARD FOR ACCURATE HEARING AID FITTING: Probe-Mic Measures in Hearing Aid Programming Verification

  • When fitting a hearing aid, probe-mic measures are considered the "Standard of Practice" by the American Academy of Audiology and the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.
    Sometimes you hear "I tried a hearing aid and it didn't seem to help." Listen to this video to learn about improved hearing aid fittings.
  • This technique measures actual sound levels in various frequency ranges in the ear canal at the level of the tympanic membrane (eardrum). Since every individual's ear has a slightly different contour and canal length, resulting in different resonant peaks, every ear needs a uniquely programmed hearing aid for that person's hearing loss.
  • Probe-mic measures allow the audiologist to program the hearing aid for a customized acoustic fit. This more accurate prescription of hearing aid settings results in higher patient satisfaction with hearing aids.


HEARING AIDS Can Change Your Life!

  • Improve Your Personal and Family Relationships
  • Improve Your Occupational and Professional Confidence and Competence
  • Increase Your Earning Potential
  • Reduce Your Anxiety, Exhaustion and Depression Levels
  • Reduce Your Withdrawal from Social Environments
  • Increase Your Engagement In the World Around You




You Should Hear What You Are Missing!


Our Hearing Aid Choices

We offer the most advanced and latest technology, specializing in digital hearing aids. Our clinics have access to hearing aids from multiple manufacturers and hundreds of models worldwide, offering our patients a wide choice of technology options.


Our Hearing Aid Services

  • Diagnostic Evaluation of Hearing Loss
  • Hearing Aid Evaluation and Dispensing
  • Hearing Aid Fitting, Adjustment, and Programming
  • Hearing Loss Counseling (Aural Rehabilitation)
  • Hearing Aid Maintenance
  • Repairs, Loaner Service, and In-office Repairs
  • Battery Mailing Service
  • Ongoing Reprogramming and Adjustment as Your Hearing Changes